In the run up to Alberta's election in May, Canada's National Observer published a Generation Squeeze op-ed about the parties' plans to invest in wellbeing:

Medical care is a hot topic in the run-up to the Alberta election. The key question, as the televised leaders’ debate emphasized, is who can be trusted to protect public funding for medical care. UCP Leader Danielle Smith reaffirmed her “public health care guarantee,” while NDP Leader Rachel Notley reminded viewers of Smith’s past statements regarding private payment.

What no one is asking the leaders is: Who can Albertans trust to promote health and well-being? Which party will preserve health care as a sacred trust by investing to make people well, not just treating illness after they fall sick?

Generation Squeeze's study of the parties' wellbeing platforms shows the UCP plans to increase annual spending on medical care by $3.8 billion as of 2025-26. The NDP will add $4.4 billion. These are by far the biggest investments promised by either party. Unfortunately, this isn’t all good news if you care about helping Albertans get and stay well.

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