Canadians are rightfully proud of our publicly-funded medical care system. Our national self-image is closely associated with the idea that treatment of illness is a social responsibility. In this episode of Generation Squeeze's Hard Truths podcast, we make the case that prevention of illness should also be regarded as a social responsibility. Unless we can prioritize illness prevention, it's very likely that our medical care system will continue to be plagued by large patient loads, long wait times, and demoralized doctors and nurses.

The evidence makes clear that social determinants are more important for health and wellbeing than spending on medical care. In other words, without access to decent homes, adequate child care, good incomes, and a clean environment, our medical care system will never be able to prevent people from dying early.

That's why, along with a number of partners, Gen Squeeze has launched Get Well Canada. Our health care system will "get well" — and we along with it — when we start investing where health begins: the places we live, work, and grow.